About Us


Founder, William Worsley

Founded: 2007 in Charlotte, N.C.

Areas of experience:  Mass Communications, Computers/Technology, Community/Human Relations, Community Ministry

Business Contact Line: 704-370-2200


Why Did We Form?

Peace Be Unto You was formed out of data mining results from a military grade inter-relational database and communications project.(GlobalWarNingNetwork.com).

Analysis of the data showed some rather extreme unique needs that were not being meet. All of us here... have felt in our deepest of heart, that we have a unique skill set to give back and serve!

This video from National Geographic says it all about our philosophy!  Just Click on the image to the left.

(Note: We do not own rights nor are we affiliated with National Geographic)


Recent Programs/Activities

Cyber Safety
Over 100 volunteers to monitor the internet to assist with conflict resolution and cyber safety education.

We have several locations where food is grown directly by those who are in need and giving to those that are disabled from working.
Provide educational material and workshops to help diffuse various nefarious activities based on the misuse of sacred (religious) history,

Employee Vetting
We have helped stop embarrassing and dangerous internal and external public relations and safety incidents by utilizing unique vetting processes that are fully legal, but hard to do within "standard" corporate settings.

Affiliations & Partnerships!


We are a member of Mecklenburg Ministries

Mecklenburg Ministries is a positive organization that helps keep "the door open" for exchanges of information from various religious and spiritual organizations of all sizes.  It is NOT a religion. Most large cities have several such organizations!


Charlotte Urban Times

CharlotteUrbanTimes.com is a gifted platform that we are able to stream messages and programs on.


Global WarNing Network

Global WarNing Network is a registered entity providing a wide spectrum of computer related services.