About Us


Founder, William Worsley

Founded: 2007 in Charlotte, N.C. Areas of experience:  Mass Communications, Computers/Technology, Community/Human Relations, Community Ministry

Business Contact Line: 704-370-2200. Vetting Data Available To Any Sponsor, Press Person, Official, etc... if needed to help us, by clicking here or calling 704-370-2200.  " While I Founded Peace Be Unto You, It's NOT About Me, It is About US.... The Human Family & The Wonderful Tapestry Of Life On This Earth.  Let's WORK, To Help Each Other RISE!


Why Did We Form?

Peace Be Unto You was formed out of data mining results from a military grade inter-relational database and communications project, Global WarNing Network. (Owner known under earlier business name, with valid C.A.G.E. Code #, never contracted with government.)   Analysis of the data showed some rather extreme unique needs that were not being meet. After realizing this, we wanted to give back and serve in a unique ways, as we could. Matters have grown since then, but our mission at it core, still reaches out to help those in the most extreme situations.! This video from National Geographic says it all about our philosophy!  Just Click on the image to the left.  

Affiliations & Partnerships! - Updating


We are a member of Mecklenburg Ministries

Mecklenburg Ministries is a positive organization that helps keep "the door open" for exchanges of information from various religious and spiritual organizations of all sizes.  It is NOT a religion. Most large cities have several such organizations!


Charlotte Urban Times

CharlotteUrbanTimes.com is a gifted platform that we are able to stream messages and programs on. We will also stream on PeaceBeUntoYou.com


Global WarNing Network

Global WarNing Network is a registered entity providing a wide spectrum of computer related services. All back-end platforms are gifted by Global WarNing Network and it's partners to make upcoming networks tied to PeaceBeUntoYou.com and CharlotteUrbanTimes.com possible.