Community Gatherings

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We have posted these general Q&As for your perusal.  Want to help with our re-organization? Contact us!

Our "Gatherings" are simply good old fashioned public and private informative meetings, discussions, lectures, presentations, speeches, sermons and more. Events relate to one or more areas regarding the improvement of the mental, physical and Spiritual condition of ourselves and the community.... including social, Faith based and businesses institutions.

We are always seeking Good Positive Factual information that can be shared. Lead organizers/presenters of our various events come from a variety of vetted backgrounds. 

Below is our Q.&A. regarding  "Community Gatherings".

Q. Where are Gatherings held?

A. In any type of building or even outdoors as appropriate. 

* NOTE: Some advanced training events related to self defense, cyber/computing, aviation and other offerings may require a background check, per local, national and international law.


The latest updates on cyber security /technology and more from local and national experts.

Self Defense

Group training regarding all forms of self defense. 


During election season, we will sponsor political forums and offer equal time.

Home/Self Help

From building a house, to car maintenance ... we can arrange such a Gathering.

Spiritual - Religious

Note: The largest amount of questions are regarding Spiritual/Faith based Gatherings connected to some community Ministry projects. Below are a top Q.& A. posts.

Q. What is your primary Spiritual belief?

A. "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." 

Q. Do you believe in “God”.. a religion?

A. The term is generic. We "believe God". There is a difference. If need be for factual reference, we will invoke the "ism" where it properly fits.

Q. What about prophets?

A. Many "prophets",  known and unknown have come and gone within the human family. We should learn the best that we can from our study of them.

Q. What about Prayer/Meditation?

A. When done correctly... “The Kingdom of God is within you.” So Yes, we believe in Prayer & Meditation. 

Q. What about visiting Holy Sites and making Pilgrimages?

A. Yes! We must keep history alive and pay honor to our Ancestors and past leaders worthy of such.

Q. What about Tithing/Charity?

A. Collective giving is a very Ancient practice of community giving and sharing.  

Q. Presentation!? I said Amen so many times, that was a SERMON! Come help us "Discern from the Historical, Religious and Mythical" at my Church! Can we kidnap you? Pastor said it was OK! With the resources you would bring to the table... 

A. Thank you for your kind words. Don't kidnap me. :-)


I will continue to expand this Q. & A.  

Contact me by clicking here.  I will be glad to offer a detailed informative speech or participate in helpful and informative debate on this Q&A. 

Note: I am seeking Partnership and Affiliation development help. We have  Blessed with technical/communication resources that would bear consideration for a "seat at the table".  Amen.


Wm. Worsley, Founder.  

PS: Check out the video below!:

Hypnotic Earth

This video from National Geographic   pretty much sums up much of what would take us hours to explain. (Legal stuff: We are NOT endorsed or affiliated with them as a organization.)