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Network Access

We are seeking content as we build a network of independent shows and connected communities.

You are welcome to submit content for consideration to be presented via: online/offline newsletter, telephone dial in conference network, radio, internet, cable/broadcast TV, various app platforms and more to come. Services/Volunteers originate from Global WarNing Network. Check out more details in the sections below:

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Call In & Listen 719-820-9296


Contact us to schedule a time to present your content. See schedule listed further down on this page.

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Listen via your PC, Smart Phone...and more.

Video Apps/TV/Cable Shows


We would love to work with YOUR organization to bring programs that would be available to watch on TV...via cable, satellite and other platforms. Contact us for more information.

How To Connect Your Event?

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NOTE: For ALL Connections/Content To Us:

Make sure you have submitted our simple signed agreement that states you are the OWNER of the content that your are submitting. For live public events.. such as a community meeting, public official speaking, etc... where "press" and the "public" is allowed... it is not needed.


By Telephone-719-820-9296

1. Simply send your url/website address you are streaming from OR... call  719-820-9296. It is best to have 2 phones calling in if possible. (One that is at the lectern/podium with the microphone facing the speaker and the phone volume  & vibrate setting is off.)

If possible... the person speaking should be connected to the phone with a Bluetooth or wired mike for best quality.)  The other phone if possible... should be near a speaker from the sound system.

2. Remember, for group discussions/panels... microphone should be at center of table/group with mike facing up or toward panel.

3. Make sure if you are using a cell is fully charged.

By Internet-

1. Email us your internet url/website. 

2. Send test tone or actual audio BEFORE main event... so we casn check sound/vidoe levels & quality

By Internet For Video-

Email your IP address, etc... to connect to your feed.

We can supply a streaming device & platform if you are ready for such.

Fees start at $2,000+ per month managed & much less if you allow your

own members/employees to be trained to operate a local remote node

connection we would install.

By Satellite

Email your band & channel.

By Smart Phone App

Contact us for app development.