Basic Physical Needs via Vetted Community Partners



We network with congregations, farms and producers to deliver meals, purified water (if needed) and other basics related to food. All food items are just good old fashioned healthy basics: Fruits, vegetables, beans, rice, nuts...etc... If available, items such as fish are donated.  Contact us for more information or pickup/distribution  locations. 



Personal and household hygiene items to keep a clean body and home for those who are not able to afford such. 

Clothing & Shelter


We network with real estate professionals  and have built up a network of free emergency (see "safe houses" below) or very cost reduced temporary, long term and permanent housing programs. ALL properties are managed and no drug use, criminal activity, etc... is allowed. Click here to contact us for more information.

Safe Houses


We maintain a vetted list of "safe houses/safe places" whereby one or more people can get

emergency food, shelter and communications.

All locations are operated by fully

background checked volunteers

that are trained to maintain a safe and secure environment. Ask your social worker, police department, Faith based leader, etc... to to contact us for a site contact name, telephone. number and location. 

Basics Mental & Spiritual Needs



"Bullies" come in all ages, shapes, sizes and racial/ethnic backgrounds. We have a free and confidential reporting process. (Announced publicly in 2016). MAKE sure you input all the details within the contact form. The results will be posted to your email or phone if you wish. You DO NOT have to use your name or provide any other contact information. BE DETAILED as much as possible. (Who? What? Where? When? How?) Call 911 for emergencies!  


Belief Systems


Many ancient scriptures such as this one tells us: "Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth. "

Current classes: 

"The History of The Names of God" 

 -  "Corporations & Religion In The Work Place 101"

- "Classic Abrahamic Religions: How & Why They Are Linked" 

- Prevent "Religious Abuse"! My Conversations With Dr. A. O. Steele, Theologian

 Click Here For More Info!

Workshop: Keeping A Positive Mind & Spirit


Exclusive Course by Founder William Worsley. Trained and experienced Group Teaching Parent, BMT, HRIC and 

Founder of Peace Be Unto You. This course/seminar teaches the basics of Positive Behavior from a common sense 

Spiritual perspective. Great for corporate, Faith based and community groups. Click here to contact for more information.



Notice: We were granted organizational resources to help formalize a study group into a formal Community Ministry. We are in need of additional funds for IRS and state corporation. If you are interested in helping seed or partner with us to do this, click here.  For additional info on Gatherings, click here!





We currently offer FREE on-line coding, device repair and typing classes. Much more to come, depending on the site locations. Call 704-370-2200 for more information. Services provided via coders guild & business partner, Global WarNing Network.

Current Programs:  Computer Coding and Repair, Aviation (Drones, Real Flight Lessons & Fly To Learn (TM), Maritime Science, Media-Radio/TV, Mining, Biology, Cyber Security/Safety, Independent Scout & Military and more. ALL Taught By Certified Background Checked Volunteer & Per Contract Instructors.

World Languages


Every Saturday beginning at 8 am, you can attend a language class on-line or in person. Just fill out the contact form, and a certified volunteer instructor will be in touch with you.  

Local & Distant/On-Line Learning


FULL spectrum of course work for K-12 & adults. Services include tutoring, after-school, home-school, on-site... and soon our own academy. We utilize Canvas, Edgenuity, IReady, Kurzweil, Saxon and others as needed per student.  Seeking partnerships. Contact us by clicking here.

Mass Communications


Full spectrum of Mass Communication services and instruction. Including

audio, video, graphics, satellite, remote production and more! For more information, contact us by clicking here. 

Seminars From The Best In The Community


 Positive and Powerful Seminars, Sermons & Speeches on a variety of topics.  Suitable for non-Faith and Faith based locations! Click on the "Community Gatherings" page for more information.  



Everything Good related to scouting for K-12 grade. FULL background check required for ALL adult and youth leadership. Minimum standards ARE required for students AND parent/guardians per recommendation of our advisory board and/or as mandated by legal and insurance requirements. Click here for more information.