Upcoming Media Shows


Morning Show

Join William "Bill" Worsley & Friends as they discuss current events and interview various community, civic business leaders, Show time to be posted.

Community Programs

Food, Clothing, Hygiene & Shelter


We network with Faith based and non-Faith based entities to help provide basic needs.  Contact us for more information or pickup/distribution  locations. 

Safe Places & Bully Reporting


 We maintain a vetted list of "safe houses/safe places" whereby one or more people can get emergency food, shelter and communications. All locations are operated by fully background volunteers. Are you a victim of a bully? Contact us by phone or send a note regarding Who? What? Where? When? How? You DO NOT have to give your REAL name, or email address. Remember, call 911 for emergencies! CLICK HERE TO START. 

Scouting & Survival Skills - (Seeking Partner Location For Winter Season)


 Everything Good related to scouting & survival skills for K-12 and separate Adult Classes.  ALL adult and youth trainers AND participants must meet minimum background check standards for the safety of ALL participants. Click here for more information. 

Education-S.T.E.M./On-Line Learning


Most services are provided via Global WarNing Network and other partners.

Current Lesson Available:  Computer Coding and Repair, Aviation (Drones, Real Flight Lessons & Fly To Learn (TM), Maritime Science, Media-Radio/TV, Mining, Biology, Cyber Security/Safety, Top Foreign Languages For Business & Military Science, Ancient & Modern History, World Faiths and more.

FULL spectrum of course work for K-12 & adults for tutoring, after school, home school, public school and on-location. We utilize Canvas, Edgenuity, IReady, Kurzweil, Saxon and others as needed per student. (Partner list updating for 2019-2020 school year.)

Mass Communications


 Full spectrum of Mass Communication services and instruction. Including audio, video, graphics, satellite, remote production and more! Note: If YOU would like to provide content  for our Network, please contact us. We need infomercials, lectures, live events and more to fill program slots. All fees are based on a sliding scale. Most non-profit slots are via donation only, due to our sponsors.

Community Gatherings


We were granted organizational resources to help formalize a study group we have had for some time... into into a formal Community Ministry & Media Network!  Feel free to offer assistance or possible strategic partnership/seeding goals. The primary resource to disseminate content from Gatherings is a 24/7 media network stream that is required to be released to "the people", via our organization and other entities as decided upon by our Community Advisory Committee.