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Peace Be Unto You

About Us

The Physical

We work with various partners to provide basic needs regarding food, clothing, shelter and healthcare to individuals vetted for such needs.

The Spiritual

We are all Spiritual beings. From the depth of time.... humans have been in need of positive Spiritual learning and growth.  We can continue to argue about labels, "religions", etc... but what about action. Let's work together to remove myths & lies used to control the less read for profit.

The Mental

Education is a key to improving ones self. From the basic ABCs, reading, writing, S.T.E.M. and other advanced educational concepts, take a class!

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Peace Be Unto You

We provide on-site and on-line services! We are always seeking positive partnerships. We are working on a location that can take visitors during regular business hours. We were founded in Charlotte, N.C.

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